A new way of crop production is here: fully automated, modular and 24/7 consistency year-round

Aug 25, 2022 | In the News

BNN Bloomberg’s investment trends features a story about modernizing livestock feed with HydroGreen as part of that solution.

“There have been numerous supply chain issues, especially at the Canadian border causing massive disruption and destabilization in getting affordable beef and dairy onto dinner tables,” explains Dan Schmidt, HydroGreen’s president. “Even where that’s less of an issue, we’ve had these prolonged droughts across most of the western United States. If there’s a lack of rain, a lack of freshwater, you still need crops in order to feed animals.”

As populations grow, dairy and cattle producers face complex challenges: feeding more people, navigating supply chain disruptions, managing the uncertainty of ongoing drought and extreme weather, all while remaining profitable.

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