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Animal Feed

CubicFarms system for growing animal feed

The CubicFarms HydroGreen system produces live green animal feed through its unique process of sprouting grains, such as barley and wheat, in a controlled environment.

With minimal land, labour, water and power, HydroGreen growing systems provide a safe, consistent, reliable and nutritious feed source, regardless of the weather or market conditions. The fully automated system performs all functions including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, and re-seeding, all with the push of a button.

Learn how to go from seed to feed in six days

A proven technology

The CubicFarms HydroGreen growing system consists of a 10-feet by 8-feet rack with 8-feet by 6-feet growing surfaces stacked 6 layers high to a total height of 10 feet. This is the smallest, one-section system available for sale – two-section up to six-section systems that are 50 feet long, 8 feet wide and 10 feet high are available. The modular system allows farmers to combine multiple systems to feed hundreds or thousands of livestock.

Seeding one growing surface each day with 1.8 bushels of seed can produce 487 pounds of animal feed every six days. A one-section system could produce enough feed for a 20 to 25-cattle farm, while a three-section system could potentially provide most of the feed for a herd of 100.

The HydroGreen growing system’s automated seeder spreads half an inch of small grain seed on the growing surface.

A fine mist of water is sprayed from above to initiate growth, followed by a gentle-rain automated irrigation system to feed the plants as they sprout. After six days, the growing surface fresh green feed is rolled off and harvested at the push of a button on the touchscreen control panel.

As the feed layer is rolled off the surface, it is sliced into pieces with a water jet, ready to be blended with a feed ration or fed directly to livestock. Once the harvest cycle is complete, the surface is automatedly cleaned and reseeded with a new seed bed, ready to be irrigated – setting in motion another grow cycle.

The HydroGreen system takes seed to feed in six days!

The modular CubicFarms HydroGreen system allows farmers to combine multiple systems to feed hundreds or thousands of livestock

Benefits of sprouted animal feed

Economic & environmental

Local, on-demand availability of fresh green feed 365 days a year – unaffected by drought, snow or rain.

Significant reduction of feed waste – the entire root mass is consumed with the grass.

High yield in a very small area, increasing farmers’ independence by growing food for their animals without need for cultivated land.


When wheatgrass and barley are sprouted, they release many vitamins and minerals as well as convert hard-to-digest starches into easily digestible proteins. This results in:

1. Increased enzyme levels which aids digestion and absorption of nutrients

2. Increased levels of vitamins in the ration

3. Increased mineral bioavailability and increased fatty acids (quality energy) and amino acids (quality protein)

All these nutrients are critical to animal health, growth, milk production and reproduction!

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