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VIDEO: DelFresco & CubicFarms – The Produce News

Dave Dinesen, CEO of CubicFarms, and Carl Mastronardi, President of DelFrescoPure, sat down with The Produce News to discuss our new partnership!


VIDEO: Seed to Store Shelf

Dave Dinesen CIMC CubicFarms

VIDEO: CIMC Squamish – Dave Dinesen of CubicFarms

CubicFarms’ CEO, Dave Dinesen, explains the value in growing local, clean, leafy greens in a CubicFarm System

CubicFarms TEDx Video

VIDEO: TEDx Abbotsford – Salads Don’t Collect Travel Points

If there is one thing on earth that should be grown where people live and eat, it is leafy greens. Our CEO, Dave Dinesen has worked with Bevo farms to develop the world’s leading vertical farming machine that will grow commercial quantities of leafy greens, lettuces, herbs, microgreens and strawberries. One CubicFarm growing machine will…
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CubicFarms - Seed to Table Is Simple with Vertical Farming

VIDEO: Seed to Table is Simple with CubicFarms

Cubic Farming™ is the next generation of profitable, predictable, consistent farm productions. These words are not usually associated with growing, until now. Our patented, Dutch engineered and designed system, eliminates the common farming risks by controlling the inputs to standardize the outputs. This means more predictable steady income without a seasonal component. More consistency in…
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