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Control Room

Grow better crops by controlling every aspect of their environment. Precision calibration.
24/7 monitoring.

CubicFarms’ control room enables growers to have complete control over the growing environment that is so crucial for high yields and quality – a capability especially well suited for research and development purposes. Control the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, lighting and air flow to suit crop requirements.

Our control rooms can be an outdoor standalone facility or placed inside an existing warehouse or greenhouse to serve as controlled-environment growing chambers to grow any type of plant.

Our integrated software makes things less complicated and helps reduce human error. It allows you to customize and remotely monitor climate conditions inside the control room and comes equipped with alarms with mobile alerts for ease of monitoring.

Don’t let environment fluctuations stunt your plant growth. Total control is key.

Our control room is ideal for:

Greenhouse growers and vertical farmers

Perfect for those who have a need to hold larger plants in an environment separate from their existing facility. As an example, a hemp grower who would like to hold the mother plant used for cloning in an ideal environment.

Growers in the floral or nursery industry

Ideal for those who need to hold plants or bulbs at a specific temperature or humidity.

Growers undertaking research activities

Specifically designed for those who require precise environmental controls and lighting.

Standard features

Each control room is a custom-built, stainless steel inside and out, fully insulated high cube (HC) container.

• Double door with waist-level opening handles
• R14 insulation throughout
• Front and rear drainage
• Dimensions:  40′ L x 8′ W x 9.5′ H

Customizable features

The control room can be fully customized. Select from these features:

• Bard HVAC with ducting installed for heating, cooling and ventilation
• Control Panel that can be accessed and managed remotely
• Software to control lights, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and irrigation
• Automated irrigation system
• Lighting system
• Vestibule for air-lock entry (for outdoor units)

Want to learn more?

Contact us and let us know how you would like to configure your grow room.