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Fresh Produce

Inside the Cubicfarm System

CubicFarms’ proven, patented technology

We are proud of our Dutch heritage – the CubicFarms system was invented by career Dutch greenhouse growers at Bevo Farms, one of North America’s largest plant propagation businesses.

CubicFarms is an automated, environment-controlled system where trays of high-value crops like leafy vegetables, herbs and other crops follow a patented, undulating “V-shape” path that ensures all sides of the plant are evenly bathed in light to maximize growth.


Each machine’s trays and inserts are easily switched out to accommodate a large variety of crops and crop densities to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity.


During each cycle, unused water is filtered and recycled back into the system, drastically minimizing freshwater consumption vs. traditional farming.

Machine controls

Our proprietary app controls frequency and volume of irrigation and nutrients, and constantly monitors the machine’s speed to optimize yield and quality of each crop during planting, growing and harvesting.


Gravity is utilized to evenly distribute water and nutrients from a centralized irrigation system, ensuring maximum yield and consistency in each crop cycle.

Plant health

The movement of the trays causes them to swing back and forth ever so slightly each time the machine stops. This causes the plant just a hint of stress, which mimics conditions outside where there may be wind and movement, thus producing a much heartier plant.

Custom chambers

Each machine is custom-built into its own stainless steel, insulated growing chamber, with its own air handling and monitoring system. Each chamber can have a unique environment to optimize growing for a specific crop. This allows us to increase yield as opposed to having all crops in one large area with an “average” environment.


Plants are grown hydroponically in trays in a natural horizontal position

What can you grow inside a CubicFarms machine?

An individual growing machine will yield approximately:

“It is -42°C outside our CubicFarm in Westlock County, Alberta, and our vegetables are growing and thriving inside!”

— David and Alyssa Pfaeffli, owners of Swiss Leaf Farms

Benefits of growing with CubicFarms

Improve the productivity of your growing operation by incorporating our leading-edge technology. A CubicFarms system will lower your capital costs by reducing the resources required to produce high quality leafy greens:


A CubicFarms system is a cost-competitive solution to address market demand. Our systematic growing programs lower production cycles to as little as 5 to 21 days, depending on desired size and variety of crop. Our systems grow produce with a longer shelf life, helping you to maintain your margins and reduce shrinkage.

Significantly reduced labour

A CubicFarms system requires 1/3 to 1/4 the labour of other vertical farms. CubicFarms machines automatically bring produce to the front of the machine for harvesting, resulting in reduced physical labour, faster planting and harvesting, and a more pleasant work environment.

Consistent year-round output

A CubicFarms system will grow fresh produce with consistent colour, size and taste any time of the year and in any environment. Help your business address food security all year round, regardless of the weather outside!

System flexibility and scalability

Select from a large variety of crops to grow in your CubicFarms system – our R&D is continually innovating to expand our crop offerings. Our modular design allows your business to grow with demand.

Reduced fresh water consumption

Adjustable environmental controls in each growing machine only use the amount of water required for each crop, saving millions of gallons of fresh water per year.

Smaller physical footprint

A CubicFarms growing system produces much higher yields on a square foot basis by dramatically reducing the footprint of land used.

No toxic chemicals

Our enclosed growing environment eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides.


Our machines are manufactured in our production facility and shipped in a nearly complete state, allowing for quick onsite installation and setup.

While each CubicFarm Systems setup is somewhat unique, our typical lead time suggests allowing three to five months from initial deposit to delivery. This provides our customers a reasonable window of time to obtain any permits, and complete site or building preparation.


As part of our seed-to-store-shelf program, our customers have the option to utilize our proprietary packaging designed to significantly prolong shelf life.

CubicFarms has developed a proprietary seed-to-store-shelf packaging, marketing, branding and sales strategy available to our CubicFarmers. This content is protected and not available to the general public.

How to feed 10 billion people, deliciously

A TedX talk by CubicFarms CEO Dave Dinesen

Dave explains how a CubicFarms system works, and the benefits of growing leafy greens using our growing machines. Sixty years ago, if you told farmers that one day, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers would be grown indoors, without soil, and grown all around the world, year round, they would have called you crazy. And along came greenhouses. Fast forward to today, the technology now exists to grow another slice of the produce the world needs, twelve months a year, anywhere on earth, and more reliably than ever.

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