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CubicFarms Lettuce on Trays

Vertical Farming: Why Grow Up?

It’s a quickly growing trend in the area of sustainable farming and agriculture technology—vertical farms have popped up around the world from the US and Canada, to Japan and the UK. It all started with a demand. The growing population demanded more food and fast. Traditional agriculture was devouring resources like land and water. In…
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Cubic Farms What Can I Grow


Each CubicFarm System is comprised of at least 12 growing machines. The incubation time from transplant to harvest is two weeks. A 12 machine system will produce at least 48,000 heads of lettuce and/or 180,000 plugs of basil per cycle.

CubicFarms TEDx Video

VIDEO: TEDx Abbotsford – Salads Don’t Collect Travel Points

If there is one thing on earth that should be grown where people live and eat, it is leafy greens. Our CEO, Dave Dinesen has worked with Bevo farms to develop the world’s leading vertical farming machine that will grow commercial quantities of leafy greens, lettuces, herbs, microgreens and strawberries. One CubicFarm growing machine will…
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