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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does CubicFarms expect to be trading on the TSXV?
A: Cubic has applied for listing to the TSXV and has to meet a number of conditions prior to listing. Cubic expects to meet these conditions in Q1 2019.

Q: What will the ticker be?
A: Cubic has reserved the symbol “CUB”.

Q: What is the process for shareholders that owned Bevo stock prior to January 10, 2019?
A: Registered shareholders are required to complete letters of transmittal provided by Bevo’s transfer agent, Computershare Investors Services Inc. Non-registered shareholders should follow the process required by their brokers.

Q: Will CubicFarms stock be eligible for RRSP or TFSA investments?
A: If Cubic becomes listed on the TSX Venture Exchange then the Cubic shares should be eligible investments for RRSPs and TFSAs.

Q: How do Bevo shareholders obtain their letter of transmittal?
A: The Letter of transmittal was sent to them in a recent package sent from Bevo Farms that provided information about the transaction with Zenabis