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Seed to Store Shelf

Seed to Store Shelf Solutions

We install turnkey commercial scale, hydroponic, automated vertical farm growing solutions. We can also provide a seed to store shelf solution including design, installation, training, packaging, marketing and  branding support.

Profitable. Scalable. Year-Round

With its expert integration of plant science and technology, CubicFarm Systems cultivate crops anywhere, anytime, and at lower costs. With millions of plants harvested, the CubicFarm™ is the most proven and scalable system for growing leafy greens. CubicFarm Systems also have a positive effect on the environment by using limited land, and by reducing greenhouse gases, water consumption and use of pesticides.

VIDEO: Seed to Store Shelf

Take a virtual tour of a CubicFarm System, while learning more about how our growing machines locally grow amazing lettuce, basil and microgreens 12 months a year!

A CubicFarmTM System

Every CubicFarm System features a minimum of 14 mechanized growing, germination and irrigation machines built inside of insulated stainless steel (inside and out) customized growing chambers the same size as 40′ shipping containers. The growing chambers are connected to a fully enclosed, central common work area, making the entire system a stand-alone, independent growing facility that can be installed inside of a building, or as its own outdoor facility.

Each climate controlled growing chamber acts independently allowing for multiple varieties to be grown in ideal conditions, optimized for that specific crop. Each growing chamber is fitted with an automated hydroponic watering system and LED lighting.

Our custom app allows for wireless environmental control and monitoring of each growing chamber for temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, irrigation and nutrient delivery.

Our patented undulating path conveyor system, and automated nutrient delivery system, create the optimal growing environment for lettuce and leafy greens, maximizing yield per cubic foot, while minimizing labour. Combined with our support subscription service, our goal is to provide you with a profitable, scalable and year-round automated commercially scalable growing system.

All CubicFarms are manufactured in our own production facility. Our growing machines are shipped in a nearly complete state, allowing for quick onsite installation and setup.

While each CubicFarm System setup is somewhat unique, our typical lead time suggests allowing 3-5 months from initial deposit to delivery. This usually provides our customers a reasonable window of time to obtain any permits, and complete site or building preparation.


Cubic Farmers have the option to utilize our proprietary packaging as part of our seed to store shelf program. We’re happy to share our packaging design solutions exclusively with our Cubic Farmers.

CubicFarms has developed a proprietary seed to store shelf packaging, marketing, branding and sales strategy available to our Cubic Farmers. This content is protected and not available to the general public.