We must grow what we eat where we live.

The easiest choice you’ll make to help save the world today. Seriously.

ALLWays Local produce is grown indoors by our Farmer Partners with a CubicFarm System.

We help Cubic Farmers to produce high quality, nutritious food with our modular, automated, indoor growing technologies in any climate, 365-days a year. Our Farmer Partners grow their produce in a CubicFarm System locally, shortening the supply chain, directly reducing the distance fresh produce travels from harvest to your home. Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of produce rots in transport—we’re trying to stop that.

We’re converting wasteful long supply chains into localized food supply that benefits in ALL ways, our people, natural resources, and economy. Our goal is to create local independent food ecosystems now, and for future generations.


ALLWays Local Top 10 Benefits:

Controlled environment agriculture

Shortened distance between us and our food

High quality, crunchy, vibrant fresh produce

Predictable and consistent supply

Reduced contamination risk

Local access to fresh produce

Optimal growth and climate controls

Affordable healthy produce

Local farmers’ profiling and support

Farmer independence and profitability





Benefits to

  • High quality, fresh produce

  • Uniquely delicious taste

  • 45% more nutrients

  • Increased food safety, less handling

  • Non-GMO

  • 100% pesticide free

  • Living lettuce – root attached

  • Community access to fresh food

  • Increase consumption of vegetables

  • Pandemic proof produce

  • CubicFarms Partner Farmer network

  • We don’t compete with farmers, we help them to succeed

Benefits to Resources:

  • 95% less water used
  • Reduced transportation GHG emissions
  • Reduced land footprint
  • Less waste – chop root and serve
  • Maximized cubic growing space
  • Crop Motion technology (plants movement)
  • Multiple crop varieties
  • Automated, resource efficient practices
  • Less energy used, single row of lights
  • Clean growing environment
  • Fresh food production, 365 days/year

Benefits to Economy:

  • Commercial scale growing
  • Single harvest access point
  • Less labour required
  • Local labour opportunities
  • Less space – no scissor lifts, aisles or walkways needed
  • Local distribution, regional shipping
  • Can be grown onsite (farm, business, distributor)
  • Modular, scalable systems
  • Less expensive than warehouse vertical farming solutions

Meet our Cubic
Farmer Partners

We’re focused on helping farmers, not competing with them.

We think it is important for you to know where your food comes from and who is growing it. Meet the heroes of your community, the Cubic Farmers who care about growing your food locally in a sustainable way. Making a choice to support local farmers is an easy way to be part of a bigger impact on the world.


Alberta Grow Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

The CubicFarms Alberta Grow Centre is run by Alyssa and David Pfaeffli, both born and raised in rural Alberta.

Q. Why did you choose the CubicFarm System for your farm and family?

A. “When you grow up with farming, it’s your life—so when you hear about something truly innovative, you pay attention. Weather was too much of a gamble for our family farm, so we got started early with CubicFarms. The most exciting part for us is knowing that even when it’s -40°C, we don’t need to pump a bunch of heat into our modules, the inputs stay the same and the produce comes out just as tasty as it does any other season.”

Q. What is the quality of the produce grown in your CubicFarm System?

A. “The technology is reliable, it’s automated, it’s efficient, and the produce consistency is exactly what we wanted. The reviews of the taste and flavour of our produce speak for themselves. Restaurant chefs go out of their way to tell us it’s the best butter lettuce they’ve ever had.”

Q. Why is important to you that you grow produce locally?

A. “It’s nice to provide something nourishing that’s needed, especially for our local community. We’re thinking about the environment and proud to be part of a bigger movement. When our daughter was asked if she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, she said, “Nope! A lettuce farmer.” Eating food grown locally made a big impression on her, and we believe we’re part of a movement that’s making a positive impact on the future of farming.”

allways local AGC Farmer Sticker

Cubic Farmer Partner:
Hydragreens, Calgary, Alberta

For Joy and Marc Schulz, based in Calgary, growing delicious fresh produce year-round was essential.

Q. Why was it important for you to grow local produce for your community?

A. “We have a shortened growing season here in Calgary and we found a significant gap in the produce market during our cold Canadian winters. The CubicFarm System operates in our cold winters and Hydragreens has developed a heat recovery system to heat our farm with waste heat from our LED lighting system.”

Q. Why did you choose the CubicFarm indoor growing system?

A. The simple operation, scalability and design efficiencies of the CubicFarm System are what sold them on the technology. “I have an engineering background” says Marc Schulz, “and we love that the system uses a fraction of resources when compared to what traditional farms use”. The modular nature is great because we can expand and add on as we scale up. For anyone considering getting a CubicFarm System, our advice would be to start with an understanding of your market and ensure you’re thinking about the opportunity for expansion. We’re thrilled with our harvests, the produce looks and tastes great, and this will benefit the families in our local area.”

Q. What type of produce do you grow at your farm?

A. “We grow living lettuce varieties, herbs, and microgreens. We strongly believe in the health benefits of eating lots of greens and avoiding the use of pesticides or herbicides. Since the onset of the pandemic, it seems that more people want to boost their immune systems, eat more fresh foods, and stay away from things that could make them ill. It is our pleasure to provide nutritious fresh produce to our community all year long.”

Cubic Farmer Partner:
Green Lion Farms, Kelowna, British Columbia

For some of us, family farming is a lifelong calling. Lesley and Mark Van Deursen’s Green Lion Farms is in Armstrong, B.C.

Q. Why did you name your farm, Green Lion Farms?

A. “Mark grew up on a family farm in Holland and when he was 14 years old, the family moved to Canada and started a dairy farm. Green Lion Farms uses the lion emblem as a nod to Mark’s Dutch farming heritage with green for the clean greens they’re growing year-round in the Okanagan.”

Q. Why is it important that we grow and produce food locally?

A. “The pandemic has brought the importance of supporting local businesses to the forefront, maybe for the first time. People who wouldn’t normally read labels and ask questions are more interested in better practices and the availability of local produce and how to support family farms.”

Q. How do you see the future of farming?

A. “We want to demonstrate to our three boys that if you see the potential to make a positive impact, we ourselves need to be deliberate to take action and make the change.It’s amazing that we have this opportunity to positively contribute to our local community.”

Taste the ALLWays Local difference

Nutrient-dense Microgreens

Microgreens are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables and they’re packed with nutrients. They’re considered a superfood, rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. Microgreens are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants, and they can be eaten raw. The nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in microgreens can help with preventing a range of diseases and boosting both mental and physical health and wellbeing. We can enjoy these additional health benefits with our meals by adding flavour, texture, and colour in salads, sandwiches, and smoothies.

ALLWays Local microgreens are harvested with roots attached in a tray, so they stay fresher and more nutrient-dense than if they were cut and shipped a long distance.

Storing your Microgreens

Your microgreens are grown and harvested with the roots still attached to keep them at peak freshness for longer. You can choose to keep your microgreens in their clamshell package and store them inside the fridge. Or if you prefer, you can keep your microgreens on the counter. Simply remove them from the packaging, keeping them in their existing tray, and remember to continue watering them daily as needed.


You’ll love adding a variety of flavourful herbs to your cooking every day with our ALLWays Local Fresh Herbs. Consuming different types of herbs may help to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They may also help to reduce blood clots and provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties, so adding more fresh herbs to your meals is a great idea.
Everyone from restaurant chefs to the best at home cooks will appreciate the bright fresh notes of our basil, thyme, chives, and cilantro. Our herbs are grown and harvested in pods without cutting, keeping them at peak freshness for longer and maintaining the flavour you want added to your meals. Try one of our many varieties available in select stores and taste the difference in your next dish.

Storing your fresh herbs

The best place to store your fresh herbs is on the counter or on a sunny windowsill ledge. Treat them like a small plant or bouquet of flowers, placing the fresh herbs in a glass of water. As a reminder, fresh herbs do not belong in the fridge. No matter which variety, your herbs will be happiest when they’re on the counter getting some sunlight and fresh air.

Living Lettuce

Our ALLWays Local living lettuce is known for the crisp, delicious flavour and freshness. It’s harvested locally with the roots attached, so it stays fresh longer than cut produce that’s been transported over long distances. You never need to worry about e. Coli, pesticides, or herbicides because this produce is grown indoors in a controlled environment without contaminants.

The CubicFarm System using less land, water, energy, and labour than traditional growing methods and grows local, so there are fewer associated greenhouse emissions. That means your living lettuce is grown fresh locally, during any season of the year.

Taste the difference for yourself and try our varieties including ALLWays Local Butter Lettuce, ALLWays Local Neighbourhood Romaine, and more currently available at select local stores in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

Storing Your Living Lettuce

To enjoy your living lettuce and keep it at peak freshness for as long as possible, keep your living lettuce in the vegetable crisper if possible. Or you can store your living lettuce on the counter. Simply take it out of the bag and place it on a shallow dish, watering it occasionally as needed.

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