Your farm can be more profitable and sustainable.

We’re not in competition with farmers, we’re a technology company with ag-tech solutions to help our farmer partners to grow successfully. Our CubicFarms Garden consulting team is focused on understanding your business, market, and system needs to provide recommendations to help your farm be successful.

Farm and market consulting with CubicFarms Garden

Our robust expert brokerage team is led by two food industry veterans who bring over 30+ years experience in brokering, buying, and distributing produce globally. Our team works with you to determine the size of your market, recommends specific crops to sell, identifies and connects potential buyers and retailers and many other services to position you for successful produce distribution. Navigate the complexities of the supply chain for the first time or determine the best sales strategy for your farm.

Not sure where to start in vertical farming?

While the future of food is changing daily, the challenges of establishing a profitable business remain the same. For your vertical or indoor farm to be successful, you need a strategic business plan, market research, crop diversification, retail sales strategy and a strong financial plan. We are here to help you with your fresh produce business! Whether you are a multigenerational farmer looking to expand or augment your existing farm or you’re an entrepreneur seeking a viable business model, our consulting packages position you for success.

Vertical farming financial plan – confident ROI calculations

If you are concerned about indoor growing costs and the numbers but do not have the time to build a robust model, our Financial Plan solution will give you a confident ROI calculation.

CubicFarms has spent years in the industry and working with the right partners, building a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to be successful. As such, we have developed our in-house financial model we use to evaluate opportunities, complete all the details you need to feel secure in your plan and present for financing.

Our Financial Plan solution begins with completing a comprehensive survey about your business goals and circumstances, which will be used to create the first draft of your financials. From there, you will participate in dedicated time with our CubicFarms business planning specialist to review the financial model that will work for your opportunity, provide you with scenarios, and answer any questions you might have.


Revenue by Category Consumables Costs Packaging
Cost of Goods Sold Financing Type Logistics
Margins Labour Rates & Hours Overhead
Uptime Annualized Review Three Scenarios
Harvests Utilities Exchange Rates
Timeline 1-2 weeks

“By leveraging the CubicFarm Gardens produce business consulting expertise, farmers and entrepreneurs gain access to specific produce market intelligence, maximize their time and efficiency in obtaining financing and most importantly, their confidence in their crop diversification, marketing and sales strategy improves”

Jay Kallu

CubicFarms Garden Vice President

Produce market assessment – priority opportunities

Produce is a unique industry, with deep relationships built over decades of sales, dinners, and conversations. As a result, understanding the produce market takes far more effort than exhaustive online research and industry reports.

By leveraging our 30+ years of produce marketing expertise and industry relationships, we create your market assessment for you to outline your market potential, size, scope, and constraints. Your completed market assessment gives you peace of mind knowing that your market can handle your produce inventory while outlining the recommended priorities for your farm success.

If you are considering purchasing a CubicFarms system but need confidence in the marketing opportunity, the Market Assessment is a low-risk way to validate your excitement. Through the report you will get to see outlined opportunities, market constraints, and develop a clear understanding of the market potential.



Market SIze Potential Distributors
Immediate Market Opportunities Potential Retailers
Regional Opportunities Marketing Opportunities
Crop Diversification
Timeline 4-6 weeks

Vertical farming investor ready pitch deck

Perhaps you are determined to get into vertical farming, but you are unsure how to secure financing? Our Executive Summary & Pitch Deck business consulting solution gives you confidence to secure financing and operate your farm successfully. With our industry expertise, we provide you with all the details and the tools you need for your “Investor Ready” or “Bank Financing Ready” go to market strategy.

With our Executive Summary and Pitch Deck solution, you will enjoy dedicated time with our CubicFarm Gardens business planning specialist and supporting team. They will work to understand your business situation and needs, construct a financial model that will work for your opportunity, provide you with scenarios, and answer any questions you might have.



Financial Plan Marketing Channels Milestones
Market Assessment Branding Requirements Capex Requirements
Sales Channels Value Propositions Working Capital Requirements
Customer Types Cost Structure  
SWOT Key Partnerships  
Timeline 1-2 weeks


When you engage in our CubicFarm Gardens fresh produce business consulting services, 75-100%
of your consulting project costs can be credited to your future CubicFarm System purchases!

Ready to grow and scale your farming business?