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Why a Cubic Farm?

To be profitable in today’s agricultural industry, farming needs to utilize machinery. CubicFarm™ Systems’ technology is leading the industry because we are the only company in the space that truly has a market ready machine, and an end-to-end solution that will support you from “Seed to store shelf”.

A CubicFarm System will lower your capital costs by reducing the resources required to produce outstanding leafy greens.

Smaller Physical Footprint

A smaller land investment is required to grow significantly more produce per square foot.

Significantly Reduced Labour

A CubicFarm is designed to bring the produce to the employee instead of the other way around. This means fewer physical demands, faster planting and harvesting, and a more pleasant work environment.

Consistent year-round output

A CubicFarm System will consistently grow fresh leafy greens at any time of the year and in any environment. Keep your business running all year-round!

System flexibility & scalability

The types of leafy greens that will effectively grow in a CubicFarm System is enormous. In addition, our modular design allows your business to grow with your growing demand.

Reduced freshwater consumption

Adjustable environmental controls in each growing machine only use the amount water required for each crop saving millions of gallons of fresh water.

No pesticides

Our clean growing environment elimnates the need for pesticides.

Consistent year-round output

A CubicFarm System is uniquely engineered to optimize the resources needed to grow amazing leafy greens any time of the year and in any environment.

Our worldwide patent on the “undulating path” growing system leverages gravity as the machine moves around the system to distribute water and nutrients evenly. This allows us to enjoy consistent growth of every plant in the tray.

The movement of our growing trays causes them to swing back and forth ever so slightly each time the machine stops. This causes the plant just a hint of stress, which mimics conditions outside where there may be wind and movement, thus producing a much heartier plant. The trays moving around the system also ensure that every plant has the exact same environment and light, for incredibly consistent growth of every plant in the growing chamber. This is crucial for reliable commercial operations.

Each machine is custom-built into its own stainless steel, insulated growing chamber, with its own air handling and monitoring system. Each chamber can have a unique environment to optimize growing for a specific crop. This allows us to increase yield as opposed to having all crops in one large area with an “average” environment.

Our Heritage

The heritage of the CubicFarms is one of career Dutch greenhouse growers. Leveraging the growing expertise of Bevo Farms positions CubicFarms as second to none. Holland leads the world in controlled environment agriculture, and that is the heritage of CubicFarms.

Our plants come to you

A CubicFarm machine brings each tray and plant to those harvesting and planting. This eliminates the need for hallway access, thus all space in each machine is fully utilized for growing. This provides much more yield per cubic foot and greatly reduces labour when compared to any other vertical farm or growing method.

The labour normally spent walking back and forth is also eliminated – other vertical farming systems require an enormous amount of “People Movement”. CubicFarms brings the plants to people, instead of sending people to the plants.

The actual work required to plant and harvest is physically much lighter than any other vertical farm system. Other systems require large heavy trays to be lifted which can be physically challenging and can lead to injury and fatigue. Still, other systems have employees on reach lifts of cherry pickers which are slow. Our harvesting process allows for “1-touch” handling from machine to packaging. CubicFarms produce is only touched once, at the time of planting and harvesting.

A CubicFarm requires 1/3 to 1/4 the labour of other vertical farms. This is an enormous time and financial savings which also makes the work easier and more pleasant for your employees.

Why a CubicFarmTM?

A CubicFarm System is a cost-competitive solution to address the market demand. Our systems grow produce that has a longer shelf life than other produce on the market. This in turn helps you maintain your margins and reduce shrinkage.

The increased consumer demand for fresh, local food is continuously increasing. Our modular growing system easily scales with this growing demand.

Current supply is challenged to meet demand on a consistent year-round basis. A CubicFarm System can be installed anywhere on earth, and will grow produce with consistent colour, size and taste, no matter the season.

What is Cubic Farming?

CubicFarm Systems CEO, Dave Dinesen explains how a CubicFarm System works, and the benefits of growing leafy greens using our growing machines. Sixty years ago, if you would have told farmers that one day, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers would be grown indoors, without soil, and grown all around the world, year round, they would have called you crazy. And along came greenhouses. Fast forward to today, the technology now exists to grow another slice of the produce the world needs, 12 months a year, anywhere on earth, and more reliably than ever.