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Our Patented Machines Automate Commercial Scale Vertical Farming    

Produce commercial quantities of lettuce and leafy greens profitably to supply your city, province, region, state or country.

CubicFarms growing machines are designed solely for large scale commercial production. Cubic Farmers can create a reliable and consistent local supply of lettuce, herbs and microgreens for retail stores, restaurants, institutions and markets.

DelFrescoPure® selects CubicFarms as their automated vertical farming solution

An exciting new partnership between DelFrescoPure® and CubicFarms® has resulted in the LivingCube™ – a system of automated vertical farming growing machines that continuously produces living lettuce, living basil and microgreens all year long.


CubicFarms & DelFrescoPure interviewed by The Produce News

CubicFarms’ CEO & DelFrescoPure’s President sat down at PMA 2018 with The Produce News. They discussed DelFresco Pure’s selection of CubicFarm’s as their supplier of a commercial scale vertical farming solution.


Swiss Leaf Farms selects CubicFarms

Installation is underway at Swiss Leaf farms in Westlock, Alberta. We’re excited to bring the Edmonton market fresh produce 12 months/year commencing in late December 2018.


A CubicFarm growing machine system reduces labour by 300% compared to traditional vertical farms

What Can You Grow?

If it’s green and leafy, a CubicFarm System can grow it. We have access to thousands of varieties of lettuce, microgreens and herbs that thrive in our growing machines and produce quality and quantities that the produce market has never seen.

Lettuce & Leafy Greens

With literally hundreds of varieties available, a CubicFarm System can grow many different varieties in each growing chamber.


With 12 times the nutrients of mature leaves, microgreens are the next super food. 

Basil and Herbs

Cleanly grown in a CubicFarm System. We have hundreds of herb varieties available.

Our growing machines eliminate the need for hallways, thus maximizing yield per cubic foot

Why Cubic Farming?

Cubic Farming™ is the next generation of profitable, predictable, consistent farm productions. These words are not typically associated with growing, until now. Our patented, Dutch engineered and designed growing system, eliminates the common farming risks by controlling the inputs to standardize the outputs.

We install turnkey commercial scale, hydroponic, automated vertical farm growing machines. We provide a seed to store shelf solution including design, installation, training, packaging, marketing and branding support.

This means more predictable steady income without a seasonal component. More consistency in colour, size and taste of your produce. Higher nutritional content and a longer shelf life for your greens. Greater customer satisfaction and more repeat orders.

A CubicFarm System is a collection of growing chambers, germination machines and irrigation that together produce commercial quantities of leafy greens.


A CubicFarm growing machine brings the plants to the harvester!

Is Cubic Farming for you?


A CubicFarm System is optimized for commercial scale production, therefore, single machine installations are not recommended.

A CubicFarms minimum setup of 14 growing machines and corresponding irrigation and germination machines and other supporting infrastructure require a minimum investment of approximately $2.2M USD, plus a suitable site that ideally has room to expand and scale up quickly.

This system would annually produce a minimum amount of 1.25 million heads of lettuce, 6 millions plugs of basil, 150,000 lbs of microgreens as well as being able to grow hundreds of different varieties.

If you have the customers or a go-to-market strategy, and the desire to provide the very best locally grown leafy greens, profitably, we want to talk to you!


“We wanted to offer our retail partners new, innovative and local commodities and the ideal solution was to partner with CubicFarms. With the introduction of the vertical farming growing system, we offer a large quantity of locally grown living lettuce, living basil and microgreens.”

– Carl Mastronardi, President of DelFrescoPure®