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CubicFarm Systems Secures $10 Million Financing, Purchase Order and Deposit from Strategic Investor

Also installs 12 new machines in Edmonton; Receives increased deposit from Richmond, BC client Please click the links below view 2 the recent news releases from CubicFarm Systems: February 8, 2019February 7, 2019


CubicFarms makes its growing machine technology available to Zenabis, through a joint venture called ZenCube.

Download the Introduction Presentation Bevo Agro Inc. – which is merging with licensed cannabis producer Sun Pharm to become Zenabis Global – introduces CubicFarm Systems Corp., an agriculture technology business that intends to disrupt the vertical farming space with patented technology that automates large-scale commercial farming operations. CubicFarms operates its own facility and is installing…
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DelFrescoPure announces partnership with CubicFarms

A new partnership between DelFrescoPure and CubicFarms has resulted in the LivingCube – a system of automated vertical farming growing machines that continuously produces living lettuce, living basil and microgreens all year long. The LivingCube system has 12 mechanized growing, germination and irrigation machines, each built inside proprietary insulated 40’ stainless steel growing chambers. The…
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