Reducing methane emissions in dairy cows by 24%

How fresh forage for cows is the next step toward net zero agriculture

A billion cows worldwide are emitting 220 billion pounds of methane every year. Deloitte and HydroGreen, the livestock division of local chain ag-tech company CubicFarms, are reducing one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalents per cow every year with a new carbon credit program. Dairy industry expert says HydroGreen is “one of the world’s most valuable patents for addressing climate change.

Growing more food with 54% – 62% less energy

The most energy-efficient way to grow fresh produce indoors

With global populations growing and natural resources getting scarcer, we urgently need to build an energy-efficient, resilient food system that is immune to fragile supply chains and extreme climate conditions. We need to scale up the amount of food we grow using less resources, and it needs to be done sustainably.

CubicFarms’ patented Crop Motion Technology™ uses just a single layer of LED lights instead of the thousands of lights needed in a typical vertical farm system. The result is massive energy savings allowing us to grow more with less.

We have an urgent problem we must solve.

Long supply chain food dependence and farmer unpredictability are dangerous

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We are running out of the resources to produce the food we need responsibly, sustainably, and affordably. CubicFarms is the leader in local chain Ag-Tech, founded by farmers. We believe to protect our resources and ourselves, food and feed must be localized, and grown indoors by farmers. Our agriculture technologies help farmers to produce consistent, indoor, high quality nutritious food and feed, in any climate, 365 days a year.

Why grow food locally?
What’s the risk of long supply chains?

The world is demanding a food supply chain solution that is so far not available. The long chain sequence of food production processes required to feed us healthy, fresh food and livestock feed has put our people, farmers, environment, and economies in a dire situation. We have unreliable food access, increasing farmer costs, foodborne illnesses, environmental regulations, irresponsible food production, insufficient food transparency, excessive food waste, and depleting natural resources.

The Solution to our current food supply chain issues?

Resilient food systems &
local food access

At CubicFarms, we provide efficient, localized food supply solutions. Using our indoor farming technologies, we convert wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains that benefit our people, resources, and economy. We create local independent food ecosystems now and for future generations.

Welcome To The Future Of Farming

CubicFarm Systems’ Predictable Produce

A different kind of indoor growing

We believe we must grow what we eat where we live. Our CubicFarm System® farming technology is automated, modular, onsite, and indoors. Our unique patented Crop Motion™ technology provides plants with an outdoor growing experience, indoors, while minimizing the environmental impact by maximizing cubic space. Our Crop Motion™ technology moves hundreds of trays along a crop growing path every 90 minutes, for efficient single point accessibility using less land, water, energy, and labour.

HydroGreen Grow System

Growing from seed to feed in six days, indoors!

We believe farm unpredictability is costly and dangerous. Today’s livestock producers are challenged with high land prices, environmental regulations, rapidly changing consumer preferences, land and water scarcity, high production costs and unpredictable weather. Our unique HydroGreen Grow System and HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures™ technologies empower farmers to grow their own nutritious feed indoors, reliably, and consistently. Our HydroGreen Farmer Partners produce indoor nutritious fresh livestock feed that is cost-efficient, lowers GHG emissions and most importantly, benefits their animals.


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CubicFarms Garden expert brokerage team

Get into the food supply chain with the business support you need

The CubicFarms Garden team is our consulting division at CubicFarms. A brokerage of produce experts, the CubicFarms Garden team connects the farmers using the CubicFarm System to grow produce with the buyers of fresh produce, like grocery stores and food distributors. CubicFarms Garden helps with farm business planning and marketing making it easier for new growers to get into the supply chain to provide locally grown produce.
ALLWays Local

We must grow what we eat
where we live

ALLWays Local produce is the easiest choice you’ll make to help save the world. Seriously. There are so many ways the produce grown in a CubicFarm System can benefit our people, resources, and economy. We provide the popular ALLWays Local brand to our farmer partners to use for their produce, herbs, and microgreens. Our CubicFarms farming technologies and team are focused on helping farmers to localize food production, not competing with them. Find ALLWays Local fresh produce, herbs, and microgreens at a store near you!
Green Lion Farm family,
CubicFarm Farmer Partners.

No compromises,
no excuses

Be a part of the agriculture revolution

We believe that together with our team, Farmer Partners, investors, and ecosystem supporters, we will transform the agriculture system to enable local food and livestock feed independence. We are creating farming technology to successfully feed our changing world. As a result, we are significantly improving independent access to quality food, maximizing crop yields, all while reducing the environmental costs of food and feed production in a meaningful way in our communities.


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