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Inside our Systems Videos

Inside the CubicFarm System

A CubicFarm System is the ideal environment to grow delicious, high quality crops indoors, onsite, anywhere in the world, all year round. Each module is customizable, giving plants the best conditions to grow, with no need for pesticides or herbicides.

From Design to Delivery

Learn more about our manufacturing process — from design to delivery. The CubicFarm System technology is designed by our team of engineers and manufactured with precision so our farmer partners can grow automated, onsite, indoor commercial scale fresh produce, 365 days a year.

Inside the CubicFarms Propagator

The CubicFarms Propagator module is the first step to germinate delicious and nutritious crops at commercial scale and at high density. In this video, you will learn more about how the Propagator transforms seeds into seedlings in a couple of weeks, using less water, electricity and manual labour.

Inside the HydroGreen Grow System

The HydroGreen Grow System is an onsite, fully automated feed technology to grow on farm commercial-scale quantities of nutritious livestock feed, anywhere, 365 days a year. 

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We have many resources available to help you to learn more about our local chain ag-tech solutions and how they can help your farm to succeed:

CubicFarm System

Patented modular indoor onsite farming technology to grow leafy greens, fresh produce, herbs, plants, and microgreens.

Grow System

Commercial scale indoor climate-controlled environment to automatically grow fresh nutritious livestock feed year-round.

CubicFarms Garden

Expert produce brokerage consulting services including financial planning, market assessments, packaging, marketing and more.

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