Careers at Cubicfarms

Our People Drive Our Success!

We’re down-to-earth, gutsy people. Trailblazers.

We’re passionate and driven to transform the agriculture industry to feed a changing world.

Make a real difference in a growing industry

We must grow what we eat
where we live

Let’s be real; the need for food and feed independence is urgent and affects all of us, globally. Understanding the issues isn’t enough. We believe it’s our responsibility to shorten the supply chain with our local, onsite ag-tech.

What we’re doing isn’t just better—it’s totally different. As resourceful, entrepreneurial-minded people, we know how important it is to be innovative AND practical. We are kind and humble, and we have the facts and hard-earned experience to back up what we’re saying. We’re thinking about the future now, and how to get there, together.

Join our team

 Current CubicFarms’ Opportunities

Here at CubicFarms, your work truly makes an impact, and this is what drives us. We thrive on the energy of a fast-paced environment, surrounded by our awesome team members, customers, and supporters. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a growing team where your work will truly make a difference, we invite you to view our open positions and apply!

Why our team enjoys working at CubicFarms

I want to use my experience to help make a meaningful impact on the world, something that my children and future generations will be proud of. Technology that transforms agriculture globally will be our legacy.

Edoardo De Martin

Chief Technology Officer

I enjoy the atmosphere of innovation. Every day I encounter new challenges and I am given the freedom to learn, grow, and adapt to overcome these challenges. This is a big part of what keeps me passionate about my work and excited to tackle each day.

Carter Walford

Software Engineer

We live and love our values

We are a team of curious, respectful, resourceful, and accountable people who passionately strive to make an impact in the world while celebrating our successes to feed a changing world. We are innovative, entrepreneurial hard workers who are future focused and enjoy working together for our collective greater good. Our excellent and rewarding work is driven by our core values:
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We’re passionate

My work truly impacts
the world.

We believe in respect

We create our culture with our
words and actions.

We're curious

Good ideas can come from anywhere. We consistently seek
and create innovative solutions
to feed our changing

Accountability is important

We follow through on what we say we’ll do. Everyone takes
responsibility for their
choices and

We celebrate!

We have our own Celebration
Squad! We show appreciation for
the many ways we can
connect and grow.

We’re resourceful

Our team is quick and clever. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we work
through problems to find
innovative solutions.

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Employee Owned – We Support and Grow Together

Be a part of the agriculture revolution

We know you have families, friends, hobbies, and full lives outside of the important work that you do. We provide our team members with many ways to support you, our communities, and your career.

Make a Global Impact

As a CubicFarms employee, your work is truly impacting the world as you join us in our mission to successfully feed our changing world. With our vision to transform the agriculture system, we work hard and celebrate our achievements along the way. The biggest perk of all is knowing your work makes a difference to others.

Our Employee Programs

Setting You Up for Success

When you join our team, we are committed to setting you up for success from the day you start. We believe for you to thrive in your role, you need to understand what we do, why we do it, and how our technologies and services impact the world. Every employee and member of our ecosystem goes through our training program to become “CubicFarms Certified”.

We Grow Together as Owners of the Business

We are invested in your future and welcome you to become an owner of the company! As a CubicFarms employee, you can increase your personal wealth by participating in our Grow Together Program. This voluntary program gives employees the opportunity to invest in equity shares through employee savings and matching employer contributions via TFSA or RRSP accounts.

CubicFarms Community Giving Program

Our team is focused on improving food security and supporting our local communities through our CubicFarms Community Giving Program. Every year, we support initiatives to localize food production in our communities, donate our time and produce to help support our local food banks.

Working at Cubic Farms

Work in a Safe and Healthy Environment
At CubicFarms, the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We have a dedicated Health & Safety Committee who is always looking out for your safety at wellness. We also offer boot voucher program for employees that work out of our Innovation Centre.
Competitive Salary and Work-Life Balance
At CubicFarms, we’re attracting world-class talent. We understand the need for a work-life balance and we provide competitive salaries. Our employees are entitled to paid time off for vacations, personal time, sick time, or time off to care for dependents.
Group Health & Dental Benefits
As a CubicFarms employee, you will have access to our competitive group health benefits plan including extended health care, dental care, and Health & Wellness spending accounts to assist with additional coverage.
Diversity and Inclusion
CubicFarms is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We encourage all qualified and enthusiastic candidates and support diversity and inclusion with a culture of respect.
Your Personal and Professional Development
We support employee growth and encourage continuous learning and development. CubicFarms financially assists employees by covering the full fees for training and development courses, as well as covering 80% of all tuition reimbursements.
Get Outfitted for Success
We want our employees to feel comfortable while they are working hard to make a difference in the world. That’s why we have a casual dress code. Once you’ve completed your first 3 months, we’ll celebrate with team gear you can wear proudly as a thank you for being a valuable member of our team.
Enjoy Our Fresh Produce First-hand
We’re often harvesting extra produce, herbs, and microgreens at our Farm Innovation Centre in Pitt Meadows. You’ll have many opportunities to bring delicious fresh produce home with you.
Celebrations and Team Building
With one of our core values being celebration, we take it seriously and have a dedicated Celebration Squad! As a CubicFarms employee you will get to participate in our special events, fun surprises, awards program, team building events, and much more!

Stay connected and grow with us

If you’re interested in making a difference in the world with a career in ag-tech, connect with us on social! Meet our awesome team, learn about our mission to transform agriculture, and be the first to know about our current opportunities.